CFC ANCOP Australia

Indonesia School Building         IND + Initial + Lastname                 IND JCitizen

ANCOP Village (Houses)            ANV + Initial + Lastname               ANV JCitizen

  Philippines  Primary/HS       CES01 + Initial + Lastname            CES01 JCitizen

  Philippines College/Voc      CES02 + Initial + Lastname           CES02 JCitizen

  Solomon Island                      CES03 + Initial + Lastname           CES03 JCitizen

  Papua New Guinea               CES04 + Initial + Lastname           CES04 JCitizen


Child Education Sponsorship     

ANCOP Global Walk    
Canberra ACT                               AGWCan+ Initial + Lastname       AGWCan JSmith  

Sydney  NSW                               AGWSyd + Initial + Lastname      AGWSyd JSmith
Darwin NT                                     AGWDar + Initial + Lastname       AGWDar JSmith

Cairns QLD                                    AGWCai + Initial + Lastname       AGWCai JSmith
Brisbane  QLD                              AGWBri + Initial + Lastname        AGWSBri JSmith

Perth  WA                                      AGWPer + Initial + Lastname       AGWPer JSmith

Adelaide SA                                  AGWAde + Initial + Lastname      AGWAde JSmith
Melbourne  VIC                            AGWMel + Initial + Lastname      AGWMel JSmith

Child Educational Sponsorship  

Elementary/High School  $360/year

College/Vocational           $750/year

ANCOP Village (houses)   $3500/house

CFC  ANCOP  Australia  Ltd.    
Commonwealth  Bank  of  Australia  
BSB:  062  121    
Account  Number:  1065  9409

Your Reference Code is a crucial tool in sorting and locating donations;
 for the purposes of tax receipts and project allocations. 
Please use the proper reference Code.
ANCOP Project                 Reference Code guide          Example    
Once the Bank transfer is made, fill in the form below to
Receive your ANCOP Tax Receipt via Email

4 ways to Donate

  • Direct Debit from your Bank or Credit Card.                                            and fill in the ANCOP Pledge Form,                                    then Email it back to
  • Online Bank to Bank transfer via your Bank website.  
  • Manual Deposit via Bank teller through your local Branch. 
  • Donate Online thru PayPal